4.1.6 The plot thickes


You stand before a mighty Angelic General, he informs you of Oryth's secret rebuilding, just as the Emperor most feared. It's corrupting his angel's thoughts, making them act erratic. There is nothing you can do for them, they have given into the corruption.


The General nods in mourning as the last of the corrupted Angels fall. It had to be done.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

4.1.6 The plot thickes - Formation

The Plot Thickens is the 6th level on Act 1 of the Ashes of Berhyte campaign.


This method can be done with common cards only. Buy a bunch of cheap Hero Stone packs to get what you need. Use any 42 units and use 31 common 10-second staffs (these are the common magic staffs that hit a single target). The 11 units up front are naked - they simply get killed to buy time for the staffs to charge and fire. Dark staffs hit for 9 damage. Fire/Poison/Cold staffs hit for 6 damage (the pictured layout does work if you only have 6-damage weapons). Holy staffs hits for 5 damage and Muskets hit for 4 damage, using them may or may not work. Thunder staffs hit for just 2 damage - do NOT use them. The more Dark staffs you use the more you can get away with using the weaker Holy or Muskets. Put any Dark staffs on the left and any weak weapons on the right. There are 66 points remaining, they may be spent to put more naked units in the front squad. NOTE: All squads MUST be set to SLOW!

The Plot Thickens Army

The army shown above should be able to win it using no specials.  The only items you can't win from the Heroes campaign used are Cult flags, best obtained from Heroes packs with lots of uncommon items.