Need help to finish survival? Fret not, this is a method that can get you to Wave 20, but no guarantees you complete it though

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What you will need is

1xFire Elemental with Narmn's Plate and Ultima Staff

5xOctopod with Ice Storm Staff, Archmage Mail and Wizard Ring

1xOctopod with Angelic Staff, Icy Robe and time Warp Ring

1xOctopod with Imra'ilh's Mace, Tuloran's Shield, Archmage

Mail and Timewarp Ring

3xHuman with Composite Sword, Mithril Mail, Tuloran's Shield and Sapper Necklace

Arrange with melee in front, wizards behind. Follow image provided.

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Tweak as you see fit

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