Mage and Tanks AND ArchersEdit

Personally I don't have that much good stuff.  I use mostly uncommons, some rares and one or two legendary.  I have found that if you make one row of "tanks" with pikemen behind them it slows them down alot.  In the meantime you need to have 3+ mages with casting times under 15 seconds.  It also helps to make one "Boss" at the front of your army.  A good tip is to farm gold for a while and buy 2,660 packs (steel boosters) as they are good for rares and commons (and for same price gives over half the uncommons 7,900 packs do) (7,900 = 5 rares,2,660 = 2 rares: 2,660 + 2,660 + 2,660 = 7,980: 6 rares)

Use pikemen and front liners and archers to kill your enemy

Karllich started write HERE: If you want some simple strategies: On the last squad give Rhigar mystic(best option)/Any other unit with aodans shield/static orb. Next squad first collumn Humans with Muskets/Lightning bow, on the second collumn humans with Poison bow/Fire bow/Long bow/Living bow, and third collumn humans with Short bow/Fine craft bow. And on the other squads give vermin or cheapest(on points) units you have(like meat shields). If you have, you can add to your lightning archers dry eel belt, To you poison archers rotten mails, poison bottles, To fire archers magma emblem, and to other archers archer gears or archer bracers.You can use any creatures like archers but vermin have very low Hitpoints.Set your archers speed to slow.

Organic Helix here with what I'd call:


My farming army for SURVIVAL mode consisted of:

2 Ultima staffs (

1 Yasur's staff (

2 Yasur's Ring (

And any amount of long range attackers, I usually did staffs due to the large casting speed increase. But it could be effective with a Rhigar Mythic and bowmen.

This army is almost completely useless against another casting army unless you can outcast or outlast them, but it can be easily altered to counter any opposing army. The skeletal warriors block most attacks besides the no distance casters. This is a stall tactic.

Also often used but strong tactic is so called Shifting Machinegun(dont be confused with that weapon), you have to make 3 collumns of shapeshifters 1 collumn with living bows 2 collumns with broken muskets place them to second wave. To first wave place 1 rhigar mystic and 3 Zammaroth mystics. To third fourth and fifth wave place misform mystics/vermins. Now you can go.

Steamed-Up StrategyEdit

This is a powerful but expensive strategy. You'll need: 4 Steam Behemoths, 12 Imps, 12 Imp Muskets, 1 Rhigar Mythic, 1 Imp Shield, six deflagration scale OR six Natobaethian Plate(or a combination of the two), and six of your cheapest unit. So you give your six cheapest units deflagration scale/ Natobaethian plate and put them in the front row. Fill the next two squads up with two Steam Behemoths each. On the final row, put six imps with imp muskets at the very back, a Rhigar Mythic with Imp Shield in the middle of the back row, and in front of him six more imps with imp muskets. Finally, set the first three squads to fast. Your good to go. Simply tweak what doesn't work a little, but it should be enough to take out most campaign levels.

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