Spells are a form of ranged attack that are similar to yet differ from ranged attacks in many ways. Like ranged attacks, they tend to have longer reloads than physical attacks and have a minimum of 2 second reloads, but unlike ranged attacks they deal with casting time (with different methods to speed up and slow down the reload rate) and the amount of damage a unit could deal physically does not affect the amount of damage done by magic, and neither do any buffs placed on your army. There are three (arguably four) main types of magic:

Line Magic Edit

(The names were all made up on the spot, so if they actually have a better name you should probably change them) This magic is the most like ranged weapons: It only attacks the line this unit is on (sometimes the whole line and sometimes the front unit only) and (I'm not entirely sure about this) is actually affected by the amount of damage dealt physically. Some examples are the Tesla staff, which only affects the front line straight in front of the unit, and the Pyro Staff (not to be confused with the Pyro Battle Staff), which affects the entire board in front of this unit.

Front Magic Edit

This magic is very powerful indeed; it affects the opponent's entire front line and often for a lot of damage. Its main weaknesses are that damage that could be dealt physically doesn't effect the power of the spell, and that they often have far longer reload times. Some are the Lighting Staff (I know about the typo BUT it does actually say that in the game) and the Fireblast Staff.

Area Magic Edit

The most powerful FORM, as it affects a massive area(usually either the enemy's front squad, the enemy's whole army or the whole field), but the staffs usually have far longer reload or much less damage than the other two forms. Some examples are the Swamp Staff(Which affects the enemies front squad), the Solar Staff (which affects the whole battlefield), the Armageddon Staff(which affects the whole enemy army) and Xonax's Gnarled Staff(which affects the whole board).

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