5.1.10 Oryth's Stand


Zamaroth stands by the great monolith as imps and demons flood our realm. The night is pitch black, as if the portal absorbs the light coming from the moon and stars.

The angelic forces led by the Supreme Commander Imra'Ilh are already charging, clearing you a path to Zamaroth. This it it, you must end this here. The future of humanity rests on your shoulders.

5.1.10 Oryth's Stand - Ending


Zamaroth staggers from your hit, giving you the opportunity to strike the monolith. As you dash toward the stone, crisply gripping your weapon, you are filled with memories of what war cost your people, and of imagery of what awaits them if you fail.

As expect Zamaroth did not remain stunned for long, he beheads a few of your soldiers, enraged by the mere thought of getting caught off guard by a human, until he notices how long he had been incapacited and what it allowed you to do. With incredible force, he hurls his massive sword at you: you cannot be allowed to reach the monument.

Carried by the hopes of your people you artfully dodge the flying blade and thrust your own into the core of the sinister monolith. Small cracks start forming around the perforation, then races all accorss the entire monument almost at the speed of light.

Oryth's shell explodes, uncovering a rift through or reality which starts absorbing every creature it summoned, as if their anchor into this world could no longer hold them.

You raise your eyes to the sky to see the departure of your angelic allies: your destiny has been fulfilled, Tuloran, a new day is upon you.

Enemy FormationEdit

5.1.10 Oryth's Stand - Formation