Humans are the first troops that you receive in BattleCry, cost 6 points and have 3 Defense.

The Humans have a history with every known creature,they have brought peace between the Orcs and reunited the western kingdoms by Emperor Turlon before he was assassinated by Rhigar

During the battle of Berhyte the Angels and Humans worked together to defeat the Demons that were led by Zamaroth the human commander Quatizaz was killed by Zamaroth during that battle

You can obtain Humans by purchasing any Hero pack that comes with commons, or earn them through these Campaign missions;

Nighttime Defense (Heroes Act 1 Mission 2)

The Broken Peace (Heroes Act 1 Mission 3)

Charred Lands (Heroes Act 1 Mission 4)

Sorcerous Rescue (Heroes Act 1 Mission 5)

Magical Teamwork (Heroes Act 1 Mission 6)

The Emperor's Support (Heroes Act 1 Mission 7)

Turning Over a New Leaf (Heroes Act 2 Mission 1)

Glory for a Price (Heroes Act 2 Mission 7)

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