These are done with only the campaign rewards:

Note: Please look carefully at the formations!

Note: You can allways ask for help on the comments of a level or on a Admins account

Note: Not all common/uncommon armies may work due to changes to item stats

Act 1 Edit

BattleCry Heroes act 1 walkthrough - Ep22:10

BattleCry Heroes act 1 walkthrough - Ep. 1-0

1.1 The age of peace

1.2 Nighttime defense

1.3 The broken peace

1.4 Charred lands

1.5 Sorcerous rescue

1.6 Magical teamwork

1.7 The Emperor's support

1.8 The Generals

1.9 The root of the corruption

Act 2 Edit

BattleCry Heroes act 2 walkthrough - Ep38:56

BattleCry Heroes act 2 walkthrough - Ep. 2-0

2.1 Turning Over A New Leaf

2.2 Of Orcs And Men

2.3 Human Engineering

2.4 Steam Powered Madness

2.5 Facing The Highlands

2.6 Knightly Challenge

2.7 Glory For A Price

2.8 Orcish Pride

2.9 Royal Contention

2.10 The Empire - Credits go to RedHawkXIII

Act 3 Edit

BattleCry Heroes act 3 walkthrough - Ep38:48

BattleCry Heroes act 3 walkthrough - Ep. 3-0

3.1 The Invasion Begins

3.2 A New Threat

3.3 Treachery

3.4 An Inside Job

3.5 Isolation

3.6 The Undeath Squad

3.7 Sudden Death

3.8 Cult Sorcery

Not done with campaign rewards:

3.9 Unknightly Challenge by Necrox

3.10 The End by Necrox

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