3.1.9 Unknighty challenge


The Undead forces semm to be guarding something at the center of a crevasse. You hack your way through hordes of mindless revenants, they don't offer much resistance initially, but they appear to gain in strength and voracity over time.

After thinning most of the undead army, you finally get to set your sight on the source of the problem. In the center of all of this stands a demon channeling some kind of portal. Your army attempts to rush it but they are cut off by Undead horsemen.


You must make haste and stop the demon, you may not survive another round of summoning.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

3.1.9 Unknighty challenge - Formation

To pass this episode you need:

In The first squad, warriors with 1 weapon with a great damage, such as Two-Handed War Hammer

In the last squad, 1 line of units with Short Bow, another with Long Bow, and another with Musket

There is no need to equip them with armors, shields and specials. Good Luck!


By: Necrox