3.1.5 Isolation


The streets are littered in wounded villagers, without your swift actions the town would have been razed within the hour. With the moat isolating the town, priority is to tend to the injured. Each and every one of them are carefully carried to the healer's compound.

You oversee the operation from atop the observation tower, keeping a watchful eye on both the horizon, in case of coming assaults, and the streets, hoping no more cultists are out there.

You jerk your head to the side as an arrow grazes your cheek, you peer down to see an army of swamp creatures emerging from the moat's water.


The town's population can't take much more of this, time to go on the offensive.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

3.1.5 Isolation - Formation


Coincidentally, H3.4 worked for Isolation so... :D

None-campaign rewards only: To pass this episode you need:

A meatshield: (Cheap) units that don't carry anything.

A column of units with long bows (any bow/rifle with 6s reload)

A column of units with short bows (any bow/rifle with 4s reload)

A column of units with Muskets  (any bow/rifle with 8s reload)

A column of units with offensive flags (ice is best)