3.1.10 The End


As the final blow is dealt to the unholy knights you notice a change in the demon's incantations, within seconds you feel the ground trembling and hear roars in the distance. The demon is calling for his soldiers, you have one chance to end it all or you will be soon overwhelmed.

Quickly your men assume the offensive formation and charge to interrupt the channeling.

The portal indeed closes but it's too late, you now stand before much worse than a demon.

3.1.10 The End - Ending


Complete silence engulf the scene, not even a gasp comes out of your troops, you all stare down at the demonic bodies as they shrivel into a pile of refuse.

The Nightmare is finally over.

You quickly turn around screaming for your men, suddenly remembering the incoming undead swarm, but not a single one is to be seen as if they had vanished from existence, along with your words as not a single sound seemed to escape your month.

As the last speckle of Demonic remains disintegrates into nothingness, the sun rises again over the hills and, finally, sounds of waking birds break the silence.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

3.1.10 The End - Formation

 In order to pass this episode you will need:

1 Steam Chariot in the first squad, accompanied by units (Orc is perfect) equipped with 1 weapon (Two-Handed War Hammer]] is perfect), and Specials to do more damage (Ogre Bracer or Tribal Chief Crown).

In the last squad, you will need 6 units with Musket.

create random units with the rest of the points.


By: Necrox

A Alternative

Ritual Army2

Blunt,Sword,Holy work (there may be 1 other)