1.2.10 The Empire


The Emperor is greatly impressed with the strength displayed in your last bout, you are given the opportunity to face the Royal Army.

1.2.10 The Empire - Ending


The Emperor is astonished of your vistory. He knew of your potential to be a great war commander, but never would he have expected you to outsmart him and overcome his forces, at least not so soon. It's a pleasant surprise, though. He is glad to have such powerful allies and feels the battle against the Demonic hordes may not be lost after all.

Your victory proved him right in the end, you and the other war commanders have trained hard, he will not be alone in the upcoming battle.

You are awarded the leadership of the defense against further Demonic attacks, the people's fate now lies in your hands!

Enemy FormationEdit

1.2.10 The Empire - Formation

Defeat "The Empire" Using only Default Rewards Edit

DefeatThe EmpireUsingDefaultRewards

All Commons and a few Uncommons Method Edit


Army to defeat "The Empire" using only common items Edit


Steam Behemoth MethodEdit


  • 12,000 coins
  • 9 creatures (any)
  • 9 non-magic ranged weapons (short bow, long bow, musket, etc.)
  • Power to change the calendar date on your computer(window) on a windows computer where you see the time click on it then click on change time and settings to change time.


  1. Change the date on your computer to August 8, 2013 (8/8/2013) or October 19, 2013 (10/19/2013)
  2. Reload your Battlecry page, or otherwise go to BattleCry game and go to the "Buy Packs" tab
  3. The daily pack should now be Steam Behemoth x1. Buy 2 SBs.
  4. Edit your army so that the first SB is in the frontline (Squad 1) in the top half. It is important to be in the top half of the formation so that the enemy Legendary ranger cannot attack your units.
  5. Hide your second SB behind the first one (Squad 2)
  6. Your squad 3 should have 9 ranged units hidden behind the first 2 SBs. Remember to stay in the top half of the formation.
  7. Play the scenario and add more units hiding behind Squad 3 if needed.

With these units, you will defeat The Empire scenario and make subsequent battles less difficult. This same army should also work for another difficult scenario, Unknightly Challenge.