1.1.9 The root of the corruption


You interrogate the captured Orcs, their elders explains the story of their betrayal by the shaman Ok'Than, selling their clan's servitude to a demon in exchange for unimaginable powers. This is troubling news indeed and must be brought to the Emperor's attention at one. But first, Ok'Than must be dealt with.

As you and your forces follow the canyon's path into the glowing mountain, the flaming botanial life forms an unsettling, out of this world, decor. The dancing lights uncover mysterious magical runes engraved all over the rocky walls. Suddenly the fire's light start wavering like a flame in the wind, but not even a breeze grazes your cheek.

You redirect your sight forward and in the once cleared path now stands a silent army of vermins, led by a shadowy orc on horse's back. After seconds that felt like hours, the shaman beams a smile at you, then lets out a deafening gutural sound.

1.1.9 The root of the corruption - Ending


Upon the defeat of the Orc-Demon, the mountain starts shaking and crumbling, you and your men rush out of the canyon and down the mountains path. Once in the valley, your troops gaze in awe at the sky. An entire mountain exploding in the night, like magical fireworks. You try your best to join the celebrations but the dying words of the smiling demon haunts your throughts.

"I was only the beginning"

You and your troops travel back toward the Emperor's kingdom, head filled with stories of your battles and eventual victory over the forces of evil. Justice and good prevailed over the Demon, bards will sing tales of your deed for centuries to come.

Enemy FormationEdit

1.1.9 The root of the corruption - Formation