1.1.4 Charred lands


After some rest, the rescued man started being more coherent. He tells a tale of infectious creatures of the past, a civilization one thought lost, these creatures fear fire and fight in numbers. Shivers pierce the core of your spine at the mere thought of such beasts. Time is of the essence: you put on a brave face and brief your army on the enemy they are about to square up against.

In order to defend yourself from these vile creatures, you decide to try and recruit some wizards from the lost order that took refuge in the valley. You walk into a charred gravel pit, thete used to be a forest you are certain of it. In the distance you see a cavern with a paint glowing light. As you approach it, you are ambushed by a swarm of shadowly beings.


Once the dust settles, you venture into the cavern. Two survivors of the lost order of wizards are there, wounded and visibly tired but still with a flame in their eyes.

Enemy FormationEdit

1.1.4 Charred lands - Formation