1.1.1 The age of peace


Hello sir! I'm Val'Bert, your battle advisor, and this is the Tul kingdom, the land of men. Things have been rather calm around these parts for the past few centuries, ever since the ancient war that bought peace between the people of the unified western countries and the surrounding realms.

Emperor Tuloran would be proud of his legacy, the world now follows order and justice, and it's your duty to ensure that it's honored.

You are one of the many commanders in training under the new emperor's rules. You bought your young army to a valley near the mountains for their introduction to the way of the battle.

Your story begins here.


The battle was a breeze, you easily defeated the opposing forces by using a simple pikemen formation. The night is coming, you and your men go to the bed rolls while the defeated party stands guard.

Enemy FormationEdit

1.1.1 The age of peace - Formation