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Evil Staff

Usage Tips: Edit

Max out your squad with cheap units. If you're extremely early in the game, use normal Humans, but Imps and Vermin are far more cost-effective. Put a wall of fodder in front, ideally a full squad of vermin, so that your squad isn't just picked off before they can transform.

The Evil Staff Synergizes well with items that decrease Casting Time, and armies that want strength in depth. Typically, people use this item defensively, to shore up protection for their casters, and give magical armies more heft to take out enemy fodder. Used correctly, this weapon and a full squad can give your casters time to wear down a 3 man army, pick away at a fodder wall, or charge up an Armageddon Staff.

Synergies Edit

-Anything that speeds up casting time

-Magical weapons

Weaknesses Edit

Slows Down casting time