4.1.8 Demonic outburst


The rumblings come to an end in a spectacular explosion, demons and cultists rush out of the dust cloud and attack you.


Demons! The Baxian ritual seems far more along than you ever thought.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

4.1.8 Demonic outburst - Formation

 Demonic Outburst is the second to to last level in "Ashes of Berhyte" under "Act 1".

Demonic Outburst Campaign Rewards

only specials used was the horse and 1 wizard ring

All of these characters and items are able to be created by using rewards from the campaign

Make sure you copy the exact speeds for the units, otherwise that will dramatically change your outcome.

Total list

5 Human with dagger 

6 Human with iron sword, buckler, and gambeson

1 Human with horse, iron sword, tower shield, and blessed armor

4 Orc with gambeson, Buckler and mace

6 Orc with pike

6 Human with two-handed sword and plate armor

6 Human with short bow

6 Human with musket

1 Human with fireblast staff

1 Human with fireblast staff and wizard ring

1 Angel with heavy plate, saint blade, and ceriphyrian buckler

1 Human with flame flag

1 Human

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