4.1.4 Dead man speaks no tale


The city-tomb of Nataobeth is devoid of any sound and light, you and your army quickly scout the entire town: not a sign of life.

After a few hours of surveillance, you are ready to head back to town, glad that it was only a false alarm. As you turn around to head for the exit, you are quickly cut off by shadowy hooded figures.


Before you could investigate on how the cultists escaped your initial search of the area, you feel a supernatural presence.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

4.1.4 Dead man speaks no tale - Formation

Steam Behemoth MethodEdit

You only need 1 Steam Behemoth to win this fight. Place it in the center of the field so that Ultima Staff doesn't hit it.

If you don't have one, you can use this method to obtain it.

Non-Steam Behemoth MethodEdit

You only need 4 units:

  1. Must have at least 15 Fire resist
  2. Must have at least 20 Damage of any element other than Fire
  3. Must have 12 Defense
  4. Must place your 4 units as close to enemy as possible, on Fast movement, in the 4 squares closest to the center of the field (aka: don't put them in the top row or bottom row, or else Ultima mages on the sides will kill them)

It is possible with only two units, I geared the two:

1.Demon, Crusaders Mace, Crystal Orb, Vass Pontanax's Plate, Magma Emblem

Total:148 Points, 15 fire resist, 25 defence

4 blunt, 10 fire, 10 darkness, 5 poison, 6 holy

2.Golem, Crusader's Mace, Narmin's Shield, Necro Gear, Magma Emblem

Total:103 Points, 12 fire resist, 27 defence

10 fire damage, 7 blunt, 6 holy

I placed the demon one case below the top row and the golem below.