• This page has information from chat and/or wikia comments. Any information on this page is not guaranteed to be accurate

On the COLLECTION tab you can consume items to craft other items. On the right most side you can see the quality of item that you will end up with.

General Notes:Edit

Each uncommon is worth 5.5 commons when used for crafting

Each rare is worth 26.5 commons when used for crafting

  • You may be able to use above info with information about how many commons it takes to reach a specific rarity to figure out combinations of commons, uncommons, rares you need to craft a specific rarity.

(off the cuff, a legendary may be 133/3 = 44.33 commons when used for crafting)

Numbers to craft a legendary:Edit

using a single rarityEdit

Various Numbers heard in chat for crafting a legendary (#commons also in comments below):

133 commons (maybe off by .5, didn't double check)

25 uncommons

5 rares

3 legendaries

using combinations of raritiesEdit

1 Legendary + 86 commons (useful for recycling unwanted legs)

(below values were taken from comments below, and they seemed to be for legends)




5U + 4R

Numbers to craft a rare:Edit

86.5 Commons

Numbers to craft an uncommon:Edit

13.5 Commons

Numbers to craft a common:Edit

2 Commons

Feel free to add/edit. Especially if you find that a lesser number works or these numbers don't work.

Warning - these numbers may not be accurate  (they may be more or less than needed)

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