4.1.3 A new mission


Rumours of a new order of the Baxian Cult have been floating about the kingdom for a while now, at first as more of an old wives' tale, but the sources have been more and more credible. Unwillling to take the risk of another disaster, the Emperor sends you and your best men to investigate the claims.

You head toward Nataobeth's ruin, crossing the swamp you encounter its less than hospitable denizen.


You quickly dispatch the swamp beasts and hastily head for Nataobeth before more come your way.

Enemy Formation and Strategy AgainstEdit

4.1.3 A new mission - Formation

A New Army for A New Mission

Remember to make the squad speeds exactly the same as in the pictures

Once again you can win a level without buying any packs just finish off hero campaign and set up your soldiers like they are shown in the picture above and it should make you win.

From 9/6/2013 on, this army no longer works, due to a nerf on offensive aura flags.